[GIVEAWAY] VidInfusion [Video Marketing System] [SOFTWARE APPLICATION]

Take Your Video Marketing To A Whole New Level

VidInfusion is a web based platform which allows users to create video marketing campaigns like never before. Now users can select any YouTube video. Add custom video skins, share buttons, buy now buttons, opt-in forms and other awesome features. Then add on a unique video interactive menu to there videos. Then they are able to automatically post to 8 top social networks getting there videos viral exposure and generating social bookmarks to increase there YouTube and Google rankings! So now they can sell products or services, build an email list and create a social media influence all through there videos with VidInfusion.

Here’s What You Can Do With It:

? Add Your Own Logo
? Add Custom Video Player Style
? Add A Unique Video Interactive Menu (Our favorite part, very cool)
? Add Timed Call To action Buttons, Optin Forms & Website Redirects
? Add Social Share Features
? Instantly Post To 8 Social Networks
? Generating You Social Bookmarks
? Generates Custom Embed Code For Your Websites

Great application for Video Marketers who want to monetize YouTube/Vimeo videos on social networks or websites/blogs. Create interactive converting videos. Great features as: Add Interactive Sliding Menu Buttons, Add Timed Call-to-action or Optin Form overlays. Add Logo and Social Share Buttons, Post to 8 Social Networks.

here is the salespage:http://www.vidinfusion.com/

Register through this link:VIDINFUSION REGISTRATION LINK


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  3. Woah! This is interesting. I was just looking out for ways to promote my business and my friends have told me about SEO and PPC Advertising services. I think it is also going to be in my budget. Video marketing is something new I have come across.


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