[GIVEAWAY] The New Google Plus Adder [SOFTWARE]

A new era in social media could wipe out your business... unless you do something about it!
The New Google Plus Adder
Crafted to Generate Audience And Skyrocket Sales…

Introducing GPA
GOOGLE PLUS ADDER is a software designed to bring about an instant positive impact on your online marketing. It has been crafted to boost marketing on Google + without having to sluggishly and agonizingly figure out the whole thing from scratch them self!
Google Plus Adder can justifiably be called as "Google plus friend adder" because it increases your targeted followers within the Google+ social network. When your circle gets expanded, you will have more traffic to your site and this will help you in boosting your sales..

Unique software
Google Plus Bot Friends Adder will help you find the right user profiles within the network. You can therefore build the potential audience you have been targeting so that you can achieve the higest conversion rate.
Put your best foot forward and start utilizing the Google Plus Friend Adder software, so that you don’t spend hours manually trying to expand your network.
You can systematically grow your circle and this will ultimately result in phenomenal increase in your sales.
Isn’t that amazing?

Amazing features
Collect Google Plus user profiles and communities by keywords.
Add automatically all collected users to one or more than one selected circle in your Business Pages
Add automatically all collected users to one or more than one selected circle in your personal profile.

SALES PAGE : http://gplusadder.com/]http://gplusadder.com/DOWNLOAD LINK : gplusadder


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