9 Easy Ways to Make $387 Per Day with Amazon Publishing

Publish a Kindle Book Within Days, Then Maximize Amazon To Sell it On Autopilot and Pay You Royalties of Up to 70%
FROM: Jay Boyer & John S. Rhodes
Dear Friend:
We want to help you make the most of Amazon to write, publish and market your book.
Learning how to really tap the power of Amazon has changed our lives and we know it will change yours too.
Between the two of us, we’ve published over 140 books, sold more than 50,000 copies, hit the Amazon bestseller list more than a dozen times and earned six-figures in royalties (including as much as $13,000 in a single month).
Our Publishing Profit System gives you everything you need to write, publish and market your book on Amazon
The core of our system is our step-by-step video training which covers every aspect of Kindle publishing … from nailing down your book’s topic, through writing it quickly, to making the most of Amazon’s system to sell your book on autopilot. To make it super-easy for you to implement and follow, we’ve broken it down into individual modules which are released to you weekly.

Module #1 - The Big Picture
  • Defining Your Niche & Research Training
  • Hotseat Training/Q & A
Module #2 - Kindle Research
  • Kindle Best-Seller Mindmap
  • eBook Niche Explorer Demo
  • Hotseat Training/Q & A
Module #3 - Writing & Content
  • 48 Hour Book Formula
  • Bestseller Speed Writing
  • Writing Your Table of Contents
  • Author’s Advantage Software
  • Hotseat Training/Q & A
Module #4 - Book Covers & Images
  • Kindle Book Cover Secrets
  • Super Easy Book System
  • 5 eBook Cover Templates
  • Image EZ Software
  • Hotseat Training/Q & A
Module #5 - “Hands-Free” Publishing
  • Kindle Outsourcing Training
  • 4-Hour Outsourcing System
  • Hotseat Training/Q & A
Module #6 - Book Formatting & Submission
  • Kindle Publishing Toolkit
  • Writing Your Book Description
  • eBook Pricing & Submission
  • Guide to Author Central
  • Hotseat Training/Q & A
Module #7 - Rank & Promote
  • Book Promotion 101
  • KDP Select Secrets
  • Golden Link Ranking Method
  • YouTube Piggybacking
  • Redirect Roundup Software
  • Hotseat Training/Q & A
Module #8 - Kindle Systems
  • Building a Kindle Buyers List
  • The Beginners Guide to AWeber
  • Multiplying Your Royalties w/ Sequels
  • Hotseat Training / Q & A
After these foundational modules, then our “KINDLE EXPERT”
Module Series begins
Module #9 – Kindle eBook Images Tutorial
Module #10 - How to Hire Ghostwriters
Module #11 - Introduction to Scrivener
Module #12 - How to Create Audiobooks
Module #13 - Fiction Writing 101
Module #14 - Promoting Your Books w/ Google Hangouts
Module #15 - Storytelling & Character Development
Module #16 - More Amazon Strategies
You’ll Also Get Our Publishing Software to Help You Format and Market Your Book
  • eBook Niche Explorer Software
  • eBook Formatting Pro
  • eBook Traffic Pro
  • Author’s Advantage Software
  • Image EZ Software
  • Keyword Bloodhound
  • Mind Mapping Software
  • Kindle Game Creator



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