Money robot submitter is an automated SEO tool which is a very great tool and produces wonderful results for those who intend to be number one in google cause i am very sure it would get you there.It is a great tool for automatic submission of back-links/content whose processes can be seen at the background while performing it's various processes,so nothing is hidden.It makes use of browser for submission and not the old spam method of using socket which is completely outdated and no longer in use.

This software in particular has over 7000 websites which can be sub-divided into the following platforms:

• Web 2.0 Blogs

• Social Network Posts

• Social Bookmarking

• Web Directories

• Wiki Articles

• Press Release

• Article Directories

• Web 2.0 Profiles

• Forum Profiles


                                    See Money Robot Submitter in action!

With all these platforms the software has developed a reputation for being the most advance and power link building software ever.Link building is a very strenuous,difficult and most especially, time consuming task and with money-robot submitter,these tasks are simplified to the barest minimum because it submits your site to the most recent platforms automatically without you doing absolutely nothing.With a lot of software,people spend a great deal of hours trying to submit links but with money-robot submitter,it's unique structure makes this happen in minutes.So once again here are the characteristics that makes this software second to none:

.Smart submission processes-no human intervention is needed in this case as this is done automatically.

.Submission at super speed-like having a company with 100 of employees.

.You don't have to keep searching and scraping the internet for websites needed for back-linking as this software does that for you automatically and is up to date.

.It's artificial intelligent nature makes the software look like a real human is working on browsers like chrome,etc and it easily passes robot detection.

.With a higher thread speed,it can monitor all your live back-links and anchor texts in a flash.

.With it's in built article spinner and re-writer,you can spin and rewrite your article in unique fashion so you should never be afraid of duplicate content.

.Automatically update sites and all platforms on its database,no scraping needed.

.Automatic captcha solving which is in built is a money saver solves all types of captcha like calculation captchas, photo captchas, text captchas, etc for free.


Money Robot Submitter is a software for the future and it's not going away anytime soon and you are guaranteed quality work within seconds.I would highly recommend this software for those would are looking for results in the shortest time possible.Click the download link and Try this 7- day free trial so that you can see it first hand.

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